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( #001 | COMMUNITY ) frequently asked questions

This post is open and contains some of the most commonly asked questions. It is highly suggested that if you have any questions regarding this community, please ask them! I, as well as any possible co-mods in the future, will appreciate any commentary made and will do our best to answer them ♥

1. Can the members suggest theme ideas?

Absolutely! Please go to this post in order to submit your ideas to the mod(s).

2. Is participation mandatory for each round?

Definitely not. Write for whichever prompts you like.

3. Are members limited to one entry per week? Or one entry per category (like one drabble + one oneshot) per week?

Participants may only submit one entry per week of any catagory.

4. Can we participate with fics that have already been posted elsewhere? What about fics written for the contest - can we post them before the results are in?

You can post fics from anywhere you like, as a result of another contest, or previously written. You may post fics elsewhere as soon as you like. No waiting involved.

5. Are there any limitations on the rating?

Nope! But make sure you give proper warnings (ie excessive sex, gore, violence, lolicon, etc), as well as locking any posts that are of an NC-17.

6. Which timezone does the community operate in?

There is no real definitive timezone (so use whichever one you fall under). All fics must be turned in before the end of the month in which the theme/challenge is posted under, extensions will be made occasionally.

7. If an entry is written specifically for the contest, but is a continuation of a previous story that was a past submission to this comm... is it alright to post? Or must the new entry be able to stand completely on its own?

Yes, it can be a continuation fic. But it might not be to your advantage in the voting because some members might not have read the previous entry.
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