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( #004 | COMMUNITY ) suggestion box

Is the mod slow in updates? Do you find that there are biases toward specific authors/pairing/genres? Any complaints at all? Voice them here! IP LOGGING IS OFF.

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LOL I don't have a question just mentioning that you misspelled "Read" in the profile ^^

How embarrassing! That's what I get for making this comm so early in the morning!
hahaha it's ok ^^ lol we all do it @__@ <3 and totally excited for the first round *o*
WHY DO I COMMENT WITH THE WRONG ACCOUNT? Note to self: a sleepy mod is not a well functioning one when sleeping!

I hope it's fixed now! I have such a hard time spotting the easiest of typos, =___= AND I DON'T THINK SO. THE PROMPT SUCKS AND I ALREADY REGRET THINKING IT WAS BEAST.
Um, I'm doing the same as synnesai; you forgot an N on the fanfics in rule #2 in the profile...

2. Only fafics

Otherwise, I can't wait for the first challenge to be up ♥
Thank you for pointing that out ♥ Apparently in my haste to finally get this community up and running, I neglected spellcheck!

The first challenge is up!